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In accordance with the ‘Surya bala sangramaya’ (Battle for solar energy), the community-based power generation project launched by the Ministry of power with the vision of generating 5,000 MW using renewable energy sources in 2030, Singhagiri PVT ltd has diversified into the renewable energy sector of Sri Lanka.

With a proud history of 50 years and an island-wide branch network, Singhagiri solar is well positioned to contribute towards the future renewable energy requirement of the nation while providing customers with customized solar PV solutions and excellent after-sale service.

Our experienced technical staff is determined to make maximum use of the site conditions and design optimal solutions unique to each and every site to make sure that the customers get the best value for their money. Functionality of the solar PV systems will be assured by our technical team after carrying out a comprehensive series of tests at site.

CONTACT - 071 622 6547

Let’s join hands to make Sri Lanka carbon neutral!