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Model No. AS-12TR4SYETG
Refrigerant R410A
Compressor type Rotary

Cooling Capacity BTU/hr 12010
Cooling Capacity Range- Min-Max BTU/hr 3070-12966
Cooling Capacity Range- Min-Max W 900-3800
Heating Capacity W  
Rated Input-Cooling W 1100
Power Input  Range-Cooling Min-Max W 260-1100
Rated Input-Heating W /
Moisture Removal L/h 1.2
Air Circulation High m3/h 620
Mid m3/h /
Low m3/h /
SEER for Cooling W/W 3.27
COP for Heating W/W  
Energy Class Cooling Malaysia 4Star
Energy Class Heatling /
Refrigerant   R410A
Refrigerant charge volume (5M) g 690
Additional ref. Volume g 20
Indoor Unit Noise Level High(dB (A)) 38
Mid(dB (A)) /
Low(dB (A)) /
Outdoor Unit Noise Level dB (A) 52
Powe r Supply  
Voltage, Frequency, Phase V 230V~,50Hz,1P
Rated Current Cooling (A) 4.9
Heating (A) /
Syste m pre ssure s in cooling rate d conditions  
Max suction pressure MPa 1.6
Max discharge pressure MPa 4.15
Syste m  
Compre ssor  
Compressor type   Rotary
Compressor Model No.   ASK89D53UEZ1
Compressor MFG   GMCC
Capacity   2640
Input W 680
Rated current(RLA) A 4.9
Thermal protector   1NT01L-4639 or KSD301
Thermal protector position   Internal
Thermal open/close temp. °C 120/90
Main/Aux. winding resistance Ω  
Refrigerant oil   ESTER OIL VG74
oil charge mL 280
Capacitor μF /
Indoor fan motor  
Model   DG13G1-16
Brand   Welling,Broad-ocean,LT
Voltage, Frequency, Phase V, Hz,m 220V /50Hz/1P
Input power W 40.2
output power W 15
Rated current A 0.183
No. of Poles   4
Insulation class   E
Thermal open/close temp. °C 100/95
Main/Aux. winding resistance Ω 348/328
Cooling  speed(High/Mid/Low) r/min 1150/990/800
Heating speed(High/Mid/Low) r/min /
Capacitor μF 1.5
Louver Motor    
Model   DG13B1-06
Power Supply V 12V DC
Output W 4W
Pull in torque N.m 4.0 N.CM
Insulation class   A
Indoor fan    
Type   cross-flow fan
Size mm φ92×630
Specify quantity of blades   35
Material   Material: AS+GF30%
Outdoor fan motor  
Model   DG13Z1-60
Brand   Welling,Broad-ocean,LT
Voltage, Frequency, Phase V, Hz,m 220V/ 50Hz/1P
Input power W 50.5
output power W 20
Rated current A 0.23
No. of Poles   6
Insulation class   B
Thermal open/close temp. °C 130/90
Main/Aux. winding resistance Ω 384.5/420
Speed(High/Mid/Low) r/min 910±30
Capacitor μF 1.5
Outdoor fan    
Type   propeller fan
Size mm φ375×120
Specify quantity of blades   3
Material   Material: AS+GF15%
Expansion De v ice Capillary
Main Capillary dia.(O) x dia.(I) x length Φ2.7*Φ1.4*850
Sub. Capillary dia.(O) x dia.(I) x length /
Ev aporator Copper tube and
Indoor coil  
Number of rows   1
Tube pitch(a)x row pitch(b) mm 21x13.6
Fin spacing mm 1.4
Fin type (code)   hydrophilic aluminium
Tube outside dia.and type mm Ф 7  innergroove  tube
Coil length x height x width mm 620x294x27.2
Number of circuits((Inlet and Outlet))   In:3, Out:3
Conde nse r Copper tube and Aluminum Fin
Outdoor coil  
Number of rows   1
Tube pitch(a)x row pitch(b) mm 21x18.19
Fin spacing mm 1.4
Fin type (code)   hydrophilic aluminium
Tube outside dia.and type mm Ф 7,innergroove tube
Coil length x height x width mm 687x462x18.19
Number of circuits((Inlet and Outlet))   In:1, Out:1
Conne cting Pipe Diame te r  
Liquid Pipe inch 1/4
Gas Pipe inch 3/8
Connecting cable   4*1.0mm2
Cooling Setting Temperature Range 18-32
Heating Setting Temperature Range /
Cooling Operating Temperature Range 18-43
Heating Operating Temperature Range /
Fe ature s  
Display on Front Panel LED
LCD Wireless Remote Controller Yes
Removable and washable Panel Yes
Washable PP Filter Yes
24 Hours Timer Yes
3 Speed and Auto  Indoor Fan Control Yes
Vertical Auto Swing Louver Yes
Manual Adjustable Horizontal Swing Louver Yes
Sleep Operation Yes
Smart Function Yes
Super Function Yes
Auto Restart Yes
Dimmer Yes
Othe r  
Net Dimensions           WxHxD (mm) Indoor Unit 950×272×207
Outdoor Unit 660×482×240
Net Weight  (Kg) Indoor Unit 9
Outdoor Unit 22.2
Packing Dimensions WxHxD (mm) Indoor Unit 1000×335×260
Outdoor Unit 780×530×315
Gross Weight  (Kg) Indoor Unit 11
Outdoor Unit 24.5
Loading Capacity (20'/40'/40'HC ) 146/304/335

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