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Hisense Inverter

Hisense was the first to enter the inverter air conditioning field in China. and has since commited 20 years to the development and promotion of this technology. Being a pioneer of China's inverter AC industry. Hisense has accumulated unrivaled technology, experience and consumer trust over the years in this field. Hisense has always been at the forefront of the Inverter AC industry.

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Ultra Wide Frequency Control Banner (10~150Hz)

With ultra wide frequency control technology. AC intelligently regulates operating frequency according to the temperature variation of environment Control is more accurate 1±0.5C ) to prevent the room temperature from fluctuating and ultimately keep you comfortable.

Fast Cooling

unique weak magnetic control technology is used to operate at high frequency under high temperature ambience. which achieves greater cooling capacity and increases the cooling rate by 25%


61℃ cooling

Cooling stably in 61C ambient. which is supported by self-adaptive refrigerated technology. high stable PCB. thermostable capacitance. etc. Moreover, cooling capacity is not decay in 55 C and as comfortable as possible.

Ultra Quiet

Based on the principles of air flow and acoustics. we were able optimize the structure of the inner air duct to reduce noise. Our technology effectively eliminates noise interference and allows your family to sleep undisturbed when operating at night.


Voltage Mutation Self-adaptive vTechnology

When voltage waves from 150 to 264V. AC can operate stably used the unique voltage mutation self-adaptive technology, which can effectively solve the problem of voltage mutation on the AC operation, not only improve the stability of the operation. but also effectively protect the whole AC and extend the service life.

High Efficiency & Energy Saving

By using 3D inverter technology. combined with an optimized inner air duct and an advanced inter grooved tube and louver fin. our ACs gain a significant boost in energy efficiency that reduce antral power consumption by 30%.

Super Quiet Mode

With a specially designed air tunnel and advanced control technology. the new inverter AC keeps noise to a minimum at an ultra low level 16.5dB while set in Super Quiet Mode. The newly designed cross flow fan and optimized air channel also help to lower noise to keep you undisturbed.

Best Temperature For a Goodnight Sleep

Sweet dreams come true with 4 sleeping modes



Sterilize bacteria effectively and make a large number of water molecules in the air. which provide comfort to the skin especially in dry weather. as if the natural SPA.

Easy Installation

Gas and liquid Pipes can be connected when AC hang on the wall with unique easy installation structure, which is convenient and efficiency.


All-around Healthy Protection: 4-in-1 Filter
Vitamin-C Filter

Emits Vitamin C through the air to everyone. makes your skin more beautiful.

Silver Ion Filter

Sterilize bacteria effectively by destroying their inner configuration.

HEPA Filter

The HEPA Filter effectively eliminates pollen, mill dust and pneumo-bacillus. bringing flesh and healthy air to you.

Catechin Filter

The Catechin Filter removes odors and eliminates dirt and particles found in the air and room

Photic Catalyst Filter

Eliminates pyococcus. germs, odors. And it is easily replenished by placing it in sunlight for 6-8 hours.

Aroma Filter

This air-conditioner can make your room smell heavenly when you add your preferred perfume to the Aroma Filter.

Energy Saving

middle-banner Twin Rotary DC Inverter Compressor

The twin rotary inverter compressor design reduces friction during operation for smoother rotation with less vibration. while also preventing leakage of refrigerant as during compression. The result is a far quieter and more efficient air conditioner.

middle-banner Full Process by DC Drive

Digital control. DC Compressor. DC indoor motor. DC outdoor motor. and DC Electronic expansion valve make low noise and high efficiency.

middle-banner Electronic Expansion Valve

Inserted inside the outdoor unit is the electronic expansion valve. which has the function of regulating and optimizing the refrigerant quantity of all working indoor units according to the needs of the moment.

middle-banner Golden Fin

Anti-corrosion, better hydrophilic coating, higher heat exchange efficiency. Self Evaporative System.

middle-banner Soft Start

Because the starting current is very high. some home appliances may not run smoothly when the AC starts. A soft start solves the problem.

middle-banner High Efficient Layout

The layout of this exchanger creates a bigger heat-exchanging surface that allows for better thermal efficiency.

middle-banner Self EvaporaUve System
middle-banner 1W standby


middle-banner Cold Plasma Generator

The Cold Plasma Ion Generatior breaks down air molecules into positive and negative ions. In the process of forming and breaking down positive and negative ions. the re-generated discharge energy oxidizes and sterilizes dust and bacterial molecules. This will keep the air clean & fresh.

middle-banner Anti Mildew Running

After turning the AC off, the indoor fan will continue running for 30 seconds and dry condensation in the indoor unit. keeping mildew from growing.

middle-banner Anti-Cold Air Function

Prevent blowing cool air when the temperature of the evaporator is too low.

middle-banner Independent Dehumidifier

middle-banner Multi-Layer Air Purifying Technology

middle-banner 30%-80% Free humidity setting

middle-banner Hi Density Filter

middle-banner Environment Friendly Gas


middle-banner Wide-Angle Louvers

Smoothly curved Wide-Angle Louvers provide wide airflow coverage and cooling/heating no matter where the indoor unit is placed.

middle-banner Low Voltage Running

Works perfectly while running on low voltage.

middle-banner Super Cooling

Press the "SUPER" button on the remote controller to immediately feel the cool air you desire.

middle-banner I Feel

The remote control measures the room temperature and relays the information to the unit to adjust to the proper station.

Lifestyle Convenience

middle-banner Smart Running

Once you press the 'SMART' button on the remote control, the AC will run at the most comfortable mode according to the room temperature.

middle-banner 24hr Timer

Set a specific time during the day to have the AC automatically turn on or off.

middle-banner Dimmer

Press this button to shut off the display light on the front panel.

middle-banner Emergency Operation

A convenient ON/OFF switch on the indoor unit that allows you to start up the system without the remote control

middle-banner Easy Cleaning Panel and PP Filter

The panel and filter can be easily detached for cleaning.

middle-banner Auto Restart Function

The AC will resume operation as soon as power is restored without manually resetting the controls.

Model No. AS-24TR4RXTCA00
Type T1, CO, Inverter
Cooling Capacity Btu/hr 24000
Heating Capacity W /
Rated Input-Cooling W 2345
Rated Input-Heating W /
Moisture Removal L/H.r /
Air Circulation (Indoor) m3/h 1100
Air Circulation (Outdoor) m3/h /
CSPF for Cooling W/W 4.1
SCOP for Heating W/W /
Energy Class Cooling 4 start
Energy Class Heatling /
Refrigerant R32
Refrigerant charge volume g 950
Indoor Unit Noise Level High(dB (A)) 48
Low(dB (A)) 39
Outdoor Unit Noise Level dB (A) 56
Power Supply  
Voltage, Frequency, Phase V 220-240V~,50Hz,1P
Rated Current Cooling (A) 9.4
Heating (A) /
Degree of protection (IN) / (O (IP) IPX0/IPX4
Class of electroprotection (IN (I/II) CLASS I / CLASS I
maximal pipe length m 25
maximal heights' interval m 10
LRA A --
Compressor Compressor type Rotary
Compressor Model No. KTN150D42UFZB
Compressor MFG GMCC
Expansion Device Capillary
Evaporator Copper tube and Aluminum Fin
Condenser Copper tube and Aluminum Fin
Connecting Pipe Diameter  
Liquid Pipe inch 3/8
Gas Pipe inch 5/8
Display on Front Panel LED
LCD Wireless Remote Controller Yes
Removable and washable Panel Yes
Washable PP Filter Yes
24 Hours Timer Yes
3 Speed and Auto Indoor Fan Control Yes
Vertical Auto Swing Louver Yes
Horizontal Auto Swing Louver(Optional) (Optional)
Sleep Operation Yes
Smart Function Yes
Super Function Yes
Compressor Indicator No
Auto Restart Yes
Dimmer Yes
2 Ways Draining Connection (Left or Right) Yes
Net Dimensions WxHxD (mm) Indoor Unit 998*x325x225
Outdoor Unit 860x650x310
Net Weight  (Kg) Indoor Unit 11.0
Outdoor Unit 33.0
Packing Dimensions WxHxD (mm) Indoor Unit 1060x390x315
Outdoor Unit 995x720x420
Gross Weight  (Kg) Indoor Unit 13.5
Outdoor Unit 36.0
Loading Capacity (20'/40'/40'HC ))(No pipe) 85/170/192
Loading Capacity (20'/40'/40'HC )(With pipe) 85/170/192
Test Standard EN 14511
1 Year Comprehensive Warranty & 10 Year for the Compressor. Please note : To obtain 10 year warranty, sign the service contract from 2nd to 10 th year

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